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09 April 2020The Art of Fresco
14 May 2020The Bauhaus
11 June 2020The Two Gustavs: Mahler & Klimt
10 September 2020Whistler v. Ruskin: Flinging a Pot of Paint in the Public’s Face

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The Art of Fresco Nichole Mezey Thursday 09 April 2020

Fresco is the supreme medium in which one can track the ideas and the accomplishments of the Italian Renaissance.  For secular leaders wall painting cycles were the opportunity to create a virtual world which enhanced their status, in the church they brought a new immediacy, and impact to the presence and meaning of the divine story, but what was their appeal for the artist?  Why did they consider it “the sweetest and most subtle form that exists”?  This lecture illustrates the technique and explores some of the great projects to understand the fascination and significance of fresco for rulers, clergy and painters.